Julie Dibble, Speaker and Author


Praying as I walked, my eyes were drawn to these trees. They were twisted together, overlapping. I imagined they were holding hands. Each very different. One … bright green boasting life and hope. The other straggly and gray, needing his friend with more spirit.

I understand trees don’t compare themselves to others … or do they? Somehow this skinny tree knew it needed to hold onto its neighbor, rather than turn away.

Love your neighbors as yourselves. (Mark 12:31)

From God’s view, there is a desire for everyone’s hearts to shine. Some of us get tangled up trying to shine brighter than our neighbor … yet others of us slink away to hide because we feel we are just not bright enough.

This temptation to compare ourselves to others has two downfalls:

• When we feel less than the other
• When we feel better than the other

I have experienced…

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