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Biblical Exhortations, Devotionals & Poetry

I wrote this poem early January 2017, it will be in my book of poetry entitled “Gloom, Hope & Glory”. I had wanted to entitle it “the emperor’s new cloths” but I settled for “The Fool”

There is so much foolishness going on, I feel compelled to post it!

Every carnal & demonic high thing that elevates or flaunts itself is destined to come tumbling down (it is happening in all our lives mine included). We live in the era of “Babylon is Fallen!” (Rev 18:2). We shall see who will have the last word (and laugh!)
Our God Reigns indeed!
People ought to start having a (reverential) fear of God! Christianity is not just “mere” lip service and then one gets up to self elevate, lie, divide, divide & divide and in the same breath play the victim!!!

The Fool
The fool self elevates, thinks he is a…

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