An inspirational poem that empowers, uplifts and keeps us shining for Jesus!

Julie Dibble, Speaker and Author


Let the only perfect in your souls
Be the alpha and the endless omega

Breathe in His perfect, His blood through your veins
Sit with His perfect when you are praying and still
Wrap yourself in His perfect when you are worried, seeking spiritual fill

Spread your arms and lean into His perfect

Plunge into His perfect grace when you fall flat on your face

From Heaven above
He can lift you up
He can absorb the lies and the self-abuse stuff

Imagine the eyes of Jesus
Peering into yours
Streams of compassion
Layers of mercy

Thankful tears roll
Awe draws us…soul to Heavenly soul
His 3 in 1 perfection
His all powerful,

There we sit in His righteous right hand
Our crown is donned

We are His daughters He molds
Like the parables told
We say yes to laying down the lies
Eyes to eyes
Dust to…

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4 thoughts on “Taking Stock of Our Souls: Poetry to Prepare for the New Year, 3 of 3

    1. Thanks, Angela, for your words of inspiration. This is a wonderful wrote, unfortunately, I’m not the author. It’s exciting to know you enjoy open mic. Have you recorded ever recorded any of your speeches?


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